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Current programme-package

Akciós ajánlatunk:






  HUF / 1 night

without breakfast

HUF / 1 night

with breakfast

EUR / 1 night

without breakfast

EUR / 1 night

with breakfast

1 ágyas szoba
*** / Einzelzimmer / Single room


7.200,-Ft 7.800,-Ft 24,-EUR 26,-EUR

1 ágyas szoba Wc nélkül zuhanyzóval**
Einzelzimmer ohne Toilette / mit dem Duschraum
Single room without Toilette / with a showerroom


6.300,-Ft 6.900,-Ft 21,-EUR 23,-EUR

2 ágyas szoba*** / Doppelbettzimmer/ Double-bed-room


11.700,-Ft 12.900,-Ft 40,-EUR 44,-EUR

2 ágyas szoba WC nélkül zuhanyzóval**
Doppelbettzimmer ohne Toilette / mit dem Duschraum
Double-bed-room without Toilette/with a showerroom


9.900,-Ft 11.100,-Ft 32,-EUR 36,-EUR

3 ágyas szoba***/ Dreibettzimmer / Room with 3 beds


13.700,-Ft 15.500,-Ft 45,-EUR 51,-EUR

4 ágyas szoba ***/Vierbettzimmer / Room with 4 beds


14.900,-Ft 17.300,-Ft 56,-EUR 64,-EUR

4 ágyas apartman ***/Apartment mit 4 betten/
Apartment with 4 beds


18.500,-Ft 20.900,-Ft 62,-EUR 70,-EUR

5 ágyas apartman*** /Apartment mit 5 betten/
Apartment with 5 beds


18.900,-Ft 21.900,-Ft 63,-EUR 73,-EUR

The rates do not include the tourism tax, which is 450, - HUF = 1,5 EUR / 1 person / 1 night 18 years.



The price is included:

  • free parking
  • free WIFI
  • body-building center



Dear Guests!

We would like to inform you that from 1st March, 2019 there will be some renovations in our pension. Those rooms which have already been let are not affected by this renovation work.

During the renovation work the hotel's parking does not to use!

Thank you for your understanding!



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