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Győr Card

Győr Card elfogadóhely
2018. június 18.-24.  A magyar táncművészet legnagyobb ünnepe Győrben!  
2017. július 06.-08. Győr, a meseváros kicsiknek és nagyoknak

Family packages
Family packages
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Aqua-Fit Club



5th children's festival in Győr


2012th July 6 to 8 Gyor,

a city of fairy-tale for children and adults

XI. Győri Győrkőcfesztivál


This year will be held in the Children's Festival in Győr, which is 5-10 minutes walk from our pension. 


The event last summer, more than 45,000 thousand children, parents, desire to have fun mobilized many parts of the country and our city in the border zones.

The festival is the creation of program currently underway, you can keep track of www.gyorkoc.hu/   site for our visitors. 



Please dear visitors / inquirers' attention to the Festival "entrant" a smiling children's photo by the festival to deliver any of the information offices in the downtown area on arrival.


The photo is required after the children are given wristbands, it can take advantage of the hotels, restaurants, leisure pool, zoo, rafting ... etc. provided by the benefits.


The list of providers in the festival's website or in printed form at the register, the organizers also announced the candidates passed. Take part in the self-forgetting fun, laughter must!

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